Chocolate Salami Set

Our take on Chocolate Salami, a traditional Italian and Portuguese specialty dessert, is a decadent combination of rich, fudgy ganache, fruits and nuts and flavours inspired by the festive season.  A delicious indulgence on its own or a fun way to sweeten your charcuterie board and enjoy with wine and cheese.  Chocolate Salami makes a wonderful centerpiece for your seasonal celebration or unique gift for your host, hostess or foodie friend.

Cherry & Brandy - A classic holiday combination. Tart cherries soaked in brandy with buttery toasted hazelnuts.  Pairs with: Cabernet sauvignon, sparkling wine, fresh chévre, blue cheese, and soft surface-ripened cheeses.

Fig & Rosemary - Sweet meets savoury. Warm holiday flavours of sweet figs, walnuts, and honey with a touch of rosemary.  Pairs with: Pinot noir, apple cider, strong brie, sheep feta.

Pistachio & Date - Nutty and spiced to perfection. The way you always want Christmas cake to taste. Warm spices, sweet fruit, a hint of orange.  Pairs with: Pinot gris, sparkling cider, gin, feta, and mild hard cheeses. 

Set includes 3 chocolate salamis, 300g each:


Cherry & Brandy: Cacao, organic sugar, organic cocoa butter, milk powder, cream, dried cherries, brandy, hazelnuts, cocoa powder.  Contains: Milk, Nuts, and Alcohol.  May contain: Peanuts. 

Fig & Rosemary: Cacao, organic sugar, organic cacao butter, milk powder, cream, walnuts, dried figs, honey, rosemary.  Contains: Milk, Nuts.  May contain: Peanuts. 

Pistachio & Date: Cacao, organic sugar, organic cacao butter, milk powder, cream, pistachios, sultana raisins, dates, almonds, cinnamon, ginger, coriander, fresh orange.  Contains: Milk, Nuts.  May contain: Peanuts. 

Soy Free and Gluten Free.

Keep refrigerated and best enjoyed within 6 weeks, or can be frozen.