Owner Erica.

Our Cacao

To us, chocolate is isn’t just chocolate, but something very special. Chocolate has a story, one that connects us to farmers and growers all around the world.

Quality cacao is the heart of real chocolate. You need great beans to make great chocolate, it’s as simple as that. Our quest to make the best chocolate starts here, with travelling the world to seek out the most exquisite, sustainably grown cacao.

Cacao beans drying outside in a greenhouse.

Key to this is the relationship we build with farmers and partners and transparency and respect throughout the cacao supply chain. Hummingbird was started by ex-aid workers who spent their career working directly beside farmers. It is very, very important to us that the cacao we source is done fairly, ethically, and sustainably. With every cacao bean we source, we are committed to sourcing through direct relationships, supporting sustainable growing practices, and paying farmers well for their amazing beans.

Cacao pods hanging in a cacao tree.

Our philosophy is to do the right thing, from bean to bar.

This helps to secure not only better cacao for us, but better lives for farm workers and their families.

You are an important part of the story. Enjoy the most incredible chocolate in the world and rest assured that you are positively impacting the future of chocolate, and the people and communities behind it. Thank you for joining our commitment to ethics and excellence.

A cacao pod split in two to see interior pulp and beans.

Sourcing Cacao – Our 4 Rules
We, or a fellow chocolate maker we trust, must connect directly with the farmer to ensure:
1) Farmers receive better than Fair Trade prices
2) Cacao is grown sustainably
3) Cacao is farmed ethically and humanely – no child labour
4) We do the right thing.