A selection of our chocolate bars.
The Golden Bean award for our Hispaniola chocolate bar.


To date we’ve won over 100 international chocolate awards, including being named the “best chocolate in the world” in 2016 by the Academy of Chocolate, with their grand prize, the Golden Bean.

The Golden Bean
The UK-based Academy of Chocolate is a celebration of good chocolate and a forum that encourages ethical craft. Its annual competition draws in some of the best artisans from Europe and around the globe and we’re really elated that the Hummingbird team can be counted among such great company.

We’re very proud that Hispaniola 70% received the top honour at the 2016 Academy of Chocolate Awards Gala – the 2016 Golden Bean. Great cacao beans are the root of great chocolate and the farmers and team at OKO Caribe in northern Dominican Republic use care and craft to grow some of the very best. Thank you small, but mighty, Hummingbird team – you guys rock!

Thank you Academy of Chocolate for shining a light on fine chocolate (we’ve always wanted to thank the Academy).