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Hummingbird is one of Canada’s leading bean-to-bar chocolate makers, and we are humbled by the growing interest in sustainable, ethically traded, premium chocolate.

We supply retail shops, specialty grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, and cafes in more than 100 locations across Canada, and select locations internationally.
Like you, our single focus is providing our customers with amazing experiences they won’t forget. The quality of our chocolate is our most important product in helping you achieve that goal. Our commitment to quality goes beyond the flavour of the final chocolate, all the way back to the farms where our cacao is grown. We continuously build good relationships with farmers, and commit to purchasing sustainably sourced cacao in a way that makes positive impacts to livelihoods and communities.

In 2012 when we started, Hummingbird was one of a few craft chocolate makers in Canada. Our dedication and commitment to quality has been evident from the beginning and we’ve learned a lot over the years. We bring a deep knowledge of chocolate and chocolate making to our wholesale customers and look forward to sharing our knowledge and skills with you.

Chocolate making is a complex and delicate exercise and we’re always happy to get hands-on to help our customers experience the difference of craft chocolate. When possible, we support in-store events, demos, and are looking to build long term relationships with our wholesale customers that fosters mutual success.

However you’re dreaming of sharing Hummingbird Chocolate, we’ll be there to assist you along the way.

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Special Orders

It’s always a great time to eat chocolate, especially when you’re celebrating!
We would love to help make your special occasion memorable and are ready to help you figure out how Hummingbird Chocolate might fit into your wedding, party, or other event.
Please contact us to let us know what you have in mind and we’ll be happy to provide a quote.

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