Zorzal 70%

Single Origin, Dominican Republic Cacao, 70% Dark Chocolate

Zorzal (Bicknell’s Thrush)

A lovely, rare songbird native to Ontario, Québec & the Maritimes, the Zorzal is threatened with extinction. In the Zorzal’s winter home in northern Dominican Republic, conservationists and investors are determined to fight for the bird. They’ve created a 300 ha biodiversity sanctuary in the northern highlands to safeguard the bird’s habitat. As sustainably grown cacao (used to make this very bar) supports the sanctuary, we’ll hear the Zorzal’s song for a long time to come.

Makes your heart sing! Smooth like honey with hints of fresh apricot and pecan.

Ingredients: Organic cacao, Organic cane sugar, Organic cocoa butter.

May contain: Milk, Nuts, and Peanuts. 

Vegan, Soy Free and Gluten Free


GOLD - Academy of Chocolate Awards


BRONZE Academy of Chocolate Awards 

BRONZE International Chocolate Awards - Americas 


SILVER Academy of Chocolate Awards


BRONZE Academy of Chocolate Awards

SILVER International Chocolate Awards - Americas


BRONZE Academy of Chocolate Awards

SILVER International Chocolate Awards - World

BRONZE International Chocolate Awards - Americas


SILVER International Chocolate Awards - Canadian

SILVER International Chocolate Awards - Americas

Customer Reviews

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Robert Eves
Beyond Chocolate

I could say many things about the Zorzal single origin bar Hummingbird Chocolate Maker, but let me start by saying that I have been eating half a bar pretty much every day for the last four plus years. I love it just that much. In fact, I'm eating some right now! The quality of the chocolate is superior to any other chocolate I have ever had. The flavour profile is as described on the cover smooth like honey with hints of apricot and pecan. It's sublime. Also, had many other products and have been very pleased with them, including the chocolate covered sea salt caramels.