Dark Milk

Single Origin, Colombian Cacao, 60% Milk Chocolate.

A rich and creamy, oh-so-dreamy dark milk chocolate with 60% cocoa content.

Looking for our Dark Milk Tumaco 60% bar? You've found it! This is indeed the very same chocolate. We've just freshened up the packaging and with that gave the bar a new name to better represent the chocolate. 

Psst: We also use the same Colombian cacao to make a fantastic 70% dark chocolate, check it out!

Hummingbird has always been about the chocolate; a love story to cacao beans told in tablet form. We love exploring the flavours that play perfectly with our cacao beans. That’s how our Dark Milk bar was born.

We blend our rich Colombian cacao with just enough milk to alchemize the taste into a creamy chocolate dream.

Milk: a passionate chapter in our chocolate love affair.... share it.

A rich and creamy, oh-so-dreamy dark milk chocolate with 60% cocoa.

INGREDIENTS: Cacao, organic cane sugar, milk powder, organic cocoa butter.

ALLERGENS: Contains: Milk. May contain: Nuts, Peanuts.

Soy Free and Gluten Free.


BRONZE - Academy of Chocolate Awards


GOLD - Academy of Chocolate Awards


SILVER - Milk Category - Chocolate Alliance Awards


BRONZE - International Chocolate Awards - America.